Anna Vesele is originally from Latvia. She received a bachelor’s degree in glass art from Art Academy of Latvia and after that moved to Sunderland (UK) for her MA studies. Currently Anna is engaged in Practice-based PhD investigating subject „Baltic Glass: The Creation of New Artworks Based on Historical and Contemporary Contextualization”.  Her art practise is based on development of author’s technique combining glass pieces and their joint elements though various other techniques are used in creation of artworks.


All ideas of the works are about relationships between generations – feelings, memories, etc. as well as significant experienced episodes of my life. The events overlap the same way as a glass in the created three-dimensional objects, thus collected fragments reveal simultaneously their internal and external lives. Every piece of glass bit by bit must serve to create, support, and develop and be clearly set in place to tell a common story. Reflection, refraction, and shadows form the substance of pieces created by light give them impression of richness. The play of fragility and power of the glass goes through the all created pieces.